Viser innlegg fra april, 2015

Aurora borealis in south of Norway

Aurora borealis photographed in Kristiansand in south of Norway. This is quite rear in these part of the country, and when it happens you can bet that there will be clouds... But tonight I finally got some shots. The quality could be better, but it was very windy so there were some disturbance in the camera. At one point the camera and tripod were taken by the wind and fell over as you can see below. Luckily I manage to reach it before it hit the ground. 

Macros of pink

These are some photos I took this afternoon of the flower on my kitchen bench. The sun was shining so bright so I decided to take it outdoors to get some photos. The following three photos are multiple exposures shot directly in the camera. The photo under is combined with one macro and one photo of the blue skies. I adjusted the tint in photoshop to get a warmer tone. 

Pink roses

Pink roses from my mothers garden last summer.

Monochrome landscape

Trollstigen in black and white.


Photos from todays moonrise in Flekkefjord. It was slightly cloudy so the moon created a great light in the sky prior to the rise.