Viser innlegg fra mai, 2015

Roadtrip in Denmark

Here are some more photos from the trip to Denmark. These photos were shot along the way from Ringkøbing to Hirtshals.

Beautiful Søndervig

Last weekend we went to Denmark to attend one of my best friends wedding. We went down on Friday and spent the first night in Søndervig at the West of Jylland. Here are some photos from a trip to the beach. 

Drone photos of Kristiansand

Today my husband got his new toy - a drone! This gave us an unique opportunity to photograph by air and get a totally different perspective. This is a whole new world of photography, and it´s very exciting! He flew the drone, and I told him what I wanted to photograph. Here are some of the photos from Bertesbukta in Kristiansand.

Coastline of Kristiansand and Høvåg

Here are some photos from last Thursday when a friend and I went for a drive from Kristiansand to Høvåg in Lillesand along the coastline. I´m so looking forward to summer now and revisiting these amazing places!

Trees full of life

Photos I took of various trees at the botanical gardens in Kristiansand yesterday.

Rainbow in the clouds

These are some of my photos from last night. At sunset there was a wall of clouds in the east with local rain showers. The clouds turned into this amazing colour, and a rainbow was visible in the clouds for about 20 minutes at least.