Viser innlegg fra juli, 2014

Amazing Norway - day 2

Day 2 of our journey went from Gudvangen to Geiranger. The scenery here is just amazing with deep fjords and high mountains, and some rather long tunnels - actually the longest tunnel in the world.  Every site is just beautiful, but Aurland is truly in the top ten. The nature here is just wild and beautiful as some of the following photos shows. While we drove along this road we played Secret Gardens music, and especially the song "Powered by nature" makes the atmosphere quite special.  Link to the song:  Secret Gargen - powered by nature The following two photos are from a viewpoint on our way to Stegastein veiwpoint.  We had heavy clouds this morning, but luckily no rain when we visited this site.  Almost at top of the hillside you can visit Stegastein viewpoint which is a beautiful viewpoint with this beautiful architectural design. At the tip of this viewpoint there is a glass fence and you get a pretty view down to Aurland center. 

Amazing Norway - day 1

The summer holiday is finally here, and we have planned a journey in Norway. We started out early sunday morning at 07.30. The weather was not looking good but we started out in Flekkefjord as planned. First stop was Dorgefossen on our way to Sirdal. This is an amazing waterfall with several potholes.  The water has really carved it´s way into the mountains. We went from Flekkefjord to Sirdal, and drove over Suleskar to Brokke in Setesdal. The weather was with heavy clouds and some rain.  Further on we decided to eat our home made sandwich-lunch at Haukeliseter with this beautiful view from our car.  After some rather long tunnels we arrived at Låtefossen on our descent towards Hardanger. This is a spectacular waterfall with lots of tourists. It is amazing to watch these huge amounts of water just falling down the mountain with an incredible force.  The car can almost get "washed" from driving across this bridge.  Hardanger is truly a