Amazing Norway - day 1

The summer holiday is finally here, and we have planned a journey in Norway. We started out early sunday morning at 07.30. The weather was not looking good but we started out in Flekkefjord as planned. First stop was Dorgefossen on our way to Sirdal. This is an amazing waterfall with several potholes. 

The water has really carved it´s way into the mountains.

We went from Flekkefjord to Sirdal, and drove over Suleskar to Brokke in Setesdal. The weather was with heavy clouds and some rain. 

Further on we decided to eat our home made sandwich-lunch at Haukeliseter with this beautiful view from our car. 

After some rather long tunnels we arrived at Låtefossen on our descent towards Hardanger. This is a spectacular waterfall with lots of tourists. It is amazing to watch these huge amounts of water just falling down the mountain with an incredible force. 

The car can almost get "washed" from driving across this bridge. 

Hardanger is truly a beautiful site, and we just had to buy their famous cherries. This area is filled with fruit trees in almost every cultivable land. They are famous for apples, plums and cherries.   

The weather was finally getting better while driving along the Hardangerfjord. Amazing view from the car. 

The Hardanger-bridge opened in 2013 and I found the roundabouts in the tunnel quite fascinating. 

Driving across the Hardanger-bridge. 

After about 7 hours of driving we arrived Voss, and my husband wanted to try out "VossVind". This is a wind tunnel which simulates skydiving. He had to book this in advance, but it was worth it. The instructors were professional skydivers, and you can sit and watch people fly in this 30 meter high tunnel. 

When the flying was done we drove to Gudvangen to spend our first night here at Gudvangen Fjordtell (the spelling is right, I have not forgotten the fjordHOtell) This was a great site, ant the rooms had windows in the roof so we could lay in our bed and watch the waterfalls from a 1000 meter above us. 



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