Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2014

Rondane - part 1

In September I went for a autumn vacation to Rondane, Norway. I signed up for Natur & Foto´s workshop at Dørålsæter, Rondane. Finally tonight I had some time to look trough my photos from this trip. I´ve decided to work my way trough this amazing trip step by step, and that is why I´ve chosen to post this in different parts. These first photos are taken as we were approaching Rondane. My mom and I drove from Kristiansand to Dørålsæter, and including some breaks we used about 10 hours. I find this landscape really fascinating and majestic. It is something completely different from where I live in the south of Norway. At summertime and until the beginning of September, you can drive in to Dørålsæter which is about 15 kilometers from the main road. We arrived here about 19.00 and the sun was about to set. Dørålsæter is powered by a generator, and when we woke up about 05.00 the next morning there were no power. We had to find our equipment using flashlights and t

Nansenparken, Norway

This summer I went to visit Nansenparken in Oslo. Nansenparken is located on Fornebu where Oslo´s airport used to be. Personally I think this is an interesting park. I work as a civil engineer with water and wastewater planning at Rambøll. This park is an excellent example of how stormwater management can be implemented in the landscape of a park area. It combines tresholds and waterways in the terrain. This is an esthetically and environmentally great park, but it has its weaknesses due to fouling. I think the maintenance could be better, but I also see the challenges associated with this. A park like this require a lot of great planning. This post is mostly to show you the elements I like in this park.