Amazing Norway - day 2

Day 2 of our journey went from Gudvangen to Geiranger. The scenery here is just amazing with deep fjords and high mountains, and some rather long tunnels - actually the longest tunnel in the world. 

Every site is just beautiful, but Aurland is truly in the top ten. The nature here is just wild and beautiful as some of the following photos shows. While we drove along this road we played Secret Gardens music, and especially the song "Powered by nature" makes the atmosphere quite special. 
Link to the song: 

The following two photos are from a viewpoint on our way to Stegastein veiwpoint. 
We had heavy clouds this morning, but luckily no rain when we visited this site. 

Almost at top of the hillside you can visit Stegastein viewpoint which is a beautiful viewpoint with this beautiful architectural design. At the tip of this viewpoint there is a glass fence and you get a pretty view down to Aurland center. 

To get from Aurland to Geiranger you can choose different roads. Aurlandsdalen is especially beautiful, but this time we chose to drive through "Lærdalstunnelen". This is the longest tunnel for cars in the world and over 24,5 kilometers long. The following two photos are taken inside the tunnel. 

From Lærdal we went to Øvre Årdal and over Sognefjellet. 
The clouds were heavy with some rain and wind. This is a view into Breheimen. 

View of Breheimen and a glacier. 

This is the view into Leirdalen in Jotunheimen. I went here for a nature photography weekend in september 2012 at "Leirvassbu". Leirvassbu is a great hotel to stay at, and you can visit several peaks and glacier like Storbreen from this site. 

Over the "Strynfjellet" we got some heavy rain and fog, but to travel in Norway involves the risk of a quick change in the weather. The forecast was far worse, so we were happy anyway. 

The weather was far better when we got to beautiful Geiranger. We stayed at Hotel Utsikten, and this photo is taken from our hotel room window. This was an amazing view to wake up to. 

Flydalsjuvet viewpoint was located about 200 meters from the hotel. We suddenly met someone I have been photographing with at this viewpoint, and they spent a whole week camping in Geiranger. They had a boat with them on their vecation and they were so kind to invite us out on the fjord with them. 

Geirangerfjorden is just amazing, and we got to see "De syv søstre" (the seven sisters) waterfall, and "Friarfossen" among many other waterfalls. 

"De syv søstre" and "Skageflå" which is a farm located on the mountain ledge beside the waterfall on the right side. 


An old farm located in Geirangerfjord. 

We had a fantastic day in this wild and wondrous land. 



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