Amazing Norway - day 3

Day 3 of our journey went from Geiranger to Kristiansund. This was the view from our hotel room at Hotel utsikten.

Viewpoint at "Ørnesvingen" gives an amazing view of the Geirangerfjord. 

The viewpoint at Ørnesvingen


On our way to "Trollstigen" with lots of amazing scenery. 

From this point you can look down to the valley where Trollstigen is located. As you can see it was filled with fog. 

When we got down to the parking lot we decided to give it a chance, and see if the fog would ease. Just a couple of minutes after this photo the fog was everywhere and we could not see much so we went in to the cafe area to wait some more. 

About 15 minutes later the fog was nearly gone. I just love the architecture of the cafe and surrounding facilities at the viewpoint. 

I visited Trollstigen in 2009, and at that time there were no viewpoint like today, so this new location gave me a whole different and an amazing perspective of this special road. 

I love the materials used in these constructions due to their discretion in nature. 

The fog was a bit on and off, and it was fascinating to watch the development. 

From Trollstigen we went down to Åndalsnes. 

Then we finally made it to Atlanterhavsvegen. I have dreamt of driving this road along the Atlantic ocean. 

From Atlanterhavsvegen we went to Kristiansund and spent a night here at a Thon hotel. 



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