Amazing roadtrip on the Brokke - Suleskard road

On the 31st of May we had an amazing drive from Flekkefjord to Kristiansand via the road from Suleskard to Brokke. This is a winter closed road, and it opens the last weekend of May. We drove here just a few days after the opening, and the amount of snow in the mountains were stunning! I can recommend this route through this amazing landscape in south of Norway.

Driving from spring to winter in a couple of hours 

Photo taken from the ascent of the road looking towards south-west

My husband standing next to huge amounts of snow

I can barely reach half of this edge

We tried to drive up to the Roskrepp dam, but the road was so narrow here that we had to drive back in reverse. 

The highest of the snow edge was probably this one which is about 9-10 meters tall. 

Descent towards Brokke

Just a couple of days later the road had to close again for a couple of days due to more snow, and they couldn´t keep it open. 

BTW: This is my 100th post on this blog :) 


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